ROCK RAIDERS (Draft script)

Part 1. Story Introduction Fade up from black to:

01. Deep Space.

Shot of a large space cruiser just above the atmosphere of an alien planet... The cruiser is in silhouette from a distant sun, which is disappearing behind the planet. As the sun moves round the planet, a dark shadow falls across it.

Dissolve to:

02. Barren Landscape, Early Night.

Shot of silent barren landscape being immersed into night. As night falls the silence is broken by the sounds of hundreds of insects. In the foreground a small swarm of fireflies fly pass the camera lighting the scene as they go. There are small insects scurrying around the floor, suddenly all the insects scurry off and small rocks on the floor starts to vibrate like a slow heart beat. One of the fireflies hits the camera and falls to the ground, it struggles to get back to its feet. The camera is close to the floor. The firefly looks up in horror and just manages to fly off before... A giant foot impacts on the floor in front of the camera creating a large foot print in the sand. The camera shakes from the impact. We can see the feet of a large looking Rock Monster staggering along. The camera tracks along with the feet, in the far distance appearing over the brow of some large dunes is what looks like some sort of fort.

Dissolve to:

03. EXT Rock Raiders Base, Night.

Long shot looking over a quiet base which is lit by night-lights. In the foreground there are insects scurrying about in the night. In other areas of the desert there are cacti lit up by hundreds of small fireflies encircling them.

Dissolve to:

04. A/B.

Medium shot of the base filling the whole camera frame. The camera moves in onto three guards standing in a watch tower one is struggling to keep awake resting against a post, the other two are shivering, they are sat down either side of the snoozing guard. The two guards, which are awake, are having a conversation their teeth are chattering and they are stuttering from the cold as they speak...

STONE Its f-fr-fre-fre-fr-f... Cold out here tonight!

HILL | know, I’m f-fr-fr-f-f-rozen!

STONE L-L-L-L-et’s go and warm up! Old C-C-Co-Cookie boy here will keep watch!

HILL You n-n-n-know what happened last time!

STONE OOH! | can smell that cof-f-fe-fee!


HILL | don’t know if the Captain finds out were in f-f-fo-f-or it.

STONE C-co-cof-f-f-fe-fee getting cold.. It’s c-c-calling!

HILL Well, OK then, but if anything happens YOUR taking the blame this time.

STONE Nothing is ever going to happen here! TRUST M-m-m-E!

The two Rock Raiders on guard duty walk off shot, leaving their sleepy friend on his own. The camera closes in on the sleepy guard who yawns and then closes his eyes.

HILL (O/S, Fade out) That’s what you said last time!

Cut to:

05. A/B. From guards POV.

FX from black (guards eyes are opening). Blurry image of the surrounding baron landscape comes in and out of focus.

FX to black (guards eyes are closing). FX from black (guards eyes are opening).

Blurry image of the surrounding baron landscape comes in and out of focus. This time there is a head of a Rock Monster bobbing up and down coming over the crest of a large dune.

FX to black (guards eyes are closing). FX from black (guards eyes are opening).

We can now see the whole rock monster he appears to be standing on the shoulders of another rock monster.

FX to black (guards eyes are closing). FX from black (guards eyes are opening).

The Rock Monsters are even closer now and we can see that there are four of them standing one on top off the other. They teeter as they try to walk and balance, the guard still hasn't noticed as he is half asleep...

FX to black (guards eyes are closing). FX from black (guards eyes are opening).

The Rock Monsters have disappeared. The Guard blinks and then moves forward to look around. Suddenly the upper body of a rock monster springs up over the perimeter wall and lunges out at him roaring fiercely.

Cut to:

06. A/B.

CU from Rock Monsters POV of Guard who jumps back in shock, as he turns to run a huge fist from above knocks him on the head. The guard spins round, goes cross-eyed, and then wobbles around before finally collapsing. The camera then pulls back to show the Rock Monster pulling the others up swinging from side to side.


Cut to:

07. Rock Raiders Base, Night.

Camera pans along some barracks, through the windows in silhouette we can see some Rock Raiders playing cards there are also Rock Raiders asleep in bunks. As we pan pass the next window we can see the two guards having a hot drink.

STONE We've been here for six months now and nothing has ever happened. | don’t know why they even bother posting us on guard duty, It’s not as if there are any other creatures on the barren planet.

HILL Well, | guess your right THIS time!

STONE I’m always RIGHT!

HILL | hope you are! Cos if the Captain ever finds out...

The camera pulls out and four rock monsters sneak pass in the foreground. They split up into different directions and walk of screen into the base. The Rock Raiders inside the barracks are oblivious to what is going on.

Cut to:

08. A/B.

Several shots of rock monsters removing power crystals from buildings and vehicles. One of the crystals is brighter than all the others, and when they remove it lights across the base flicker and die out.

Cut to:

09. A/B. Close up on the barracks door, It opens, Stone steps out backwards talking to Hill.

STONE The Captain will never know that we sneaked of watch!

Hills jaw drops open as he looks out the door, Stone spins round and looks, the camera moves in onto an extreme close-up of stone, his expression turns to one of extreme panic.


Cut to:

10. A/B.

The camera is looking from Stones POV, there are parts of vehicles scattered all over the place and there is a used power crystal still spinning at his feet, a wheel roles past. The camera pulls out over the base, which looks a bit of a mess, lights are flickering as the power runs low. As the camera pulls back we just see a glimpse of one of the Rock Monsters on the perimeter wall. He is clutching several glowing power crystals he looks back over his shoulder before jumping over the edge.

Cut to:

11. A/B.


Close up of the two Rock Raiders, Hill is shaking Stone who is still standing there screaming in panic.


HILL Come on, snap out of it! We must sound the alarm!



STONE ..AARRghh! Oh! Yeah!

They both dart off in opposite direction leaving the frame, they then come running back and collide together. They pick each other of the floor and both run off frame towards the camera.

Cut to:

12. A/B.

Medium shot of an old style windup siren. The two Rock Raiders run in to shot, they both grab hold of the large handle and start to wind it round. The sound of a siren starts to hum, It gets louder as the two Rock Raiders spin the wheel faster, They spin the handle faster and faster, and then suddenly they both get caught up and spin round out of control. They both get flung from the siren and land on the ground with a bump.

STONE I’ve had enough of this, I’m going to bed.

They get to their feet and wobble round, then Stone runs off and Hill runs after him.

HILL Wait... for... meee...

Cut to:

13. EXT. Rock Raiders Base, Night.

Long shot of base. In the foreground the four rock monsters walk past the camera with their arms full of power crystals. In the distance we can hear the siren. Bright search lights power up and long beams of light jet out from the base. As the rock monsters walk off shot they are just caught by one of the beams.

Dissolve to:

14. EXT. Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning.

Long shot of base (as before). The sun starts to rise in the distance. It looks like its going to be another hot day! In the foreground a few insects crawl under some rocks for cover, on top of the rock is one of the fireflies sunbathing himself. The winds starts to blow, suddenly several tumbleweed blow past, one of them flattening the firefly. He gets back to his feet and shakes his arm in the general direction the tumbleweed blew. A head pops up from under the rock.



Hey Flint! | told you to hide under this rock!


We hear a giggle come from beneath the rock. Cut to:

15. Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning.

Rock Raiders are installing new power crystals in vehicles across the base. The camera pans across the base and stops on a very secure looking shed. A Rock Raider comes along and opens the heavy steel door, the camera closes in on to the Rock Raider. As the door opens several guards who are in the building surprise him, cocking their guns at the Rock Raider, who jumps back, startled.

ROCK RAIDER Hey guys its only me!

GUARD Sorry, we’ve been posted here to guard the remaining power crystal supply!

ROCK RAIDER Well is there a spare one for the search chopper?

GUARD Erm! ...Here you go!

A crystal flies out of the store and the Rock Raider catches it.


The camera pans along with the Rock Raider as he walks off, in the background we can see the Captain. The camera stops panning and focuses on the Captain who is standing over the geologist studying a large footprint, which has been left in the soft sand.

CAPTAIN It looks like a T-Rex print to me, | use to hunt them in the Jurassic quadrant.

The geologist shakes his head in disbelief.

GEOLOGIST | don’t think so Sir! From the small fragments of rock left behind in the print, | would guess that it is some sort of huge humanoid beast made from rock.

The captain looks embarrassed and tries to cover up his mistake.

CAPTAIN Oh! Yes! Err! Just what | said, A Rock Monster!

GEOLOGIST That’s right Sir!

CAPTAIN Hmmm! Those Rock Monsters have the Super Charged Crystal, If we don’t get it back were stuck on this planet for good!

GEOLOGIST Sir! | have a plan!


The Captain leans over and the Geologist whispers something into his ear. The Captain looks at his watch and then around the base. He put his hand to his mouth and yells.


Troops from all over the camp run over to the drill ground and start to form an orderly inspection line.

Cut to:

16. Barracks, Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning.

Long pan down barracks... The camera pans across several sparkling clean bunks. Each bunk has freshly folded sheets on it, everything is very neat and tidy. Just what you would expect from highly trained Rock Raiders. The camera continues to pan across the Barracks. As the camera pans across the faint noise of snoring becomes apparent and gets louder as the camera comes to rest on a messy bunk which still contains two sleeping Rock Raiders (Hill and Stone). On the table beside the bed is an alarm clock, which is making a muffled ring ring sound as the bells are wrapped up in tape! The camera focuses onto the clock, its 6.32am.

Cut to:

17. Parade, Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning. The camera pans along the inspection parade as the Captain is taking a register.


PARRY Sir, Hear Sir!


This Rock Raider has his entire head wrapped up in a bandage, with just two slits for his eyes.

COOK (muffled sound) Mmrrr, Mmeeaaarrr Mmrrr!

CAPTAIN Hill! Silence... CAPTAIN Stone! Silence...

The Captain screams out their names again.

CAPTAIN Hill! .. Stone!


Silence... The Captain screams out their names even louder.


Cut to:

18. Barracks, Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning.

Close up of the two Rock Raiders sleeping. We can here the Captain shouting it echoes around the barracks, startling the two sleeping Rock Raiders. The camera moves into an extreme close-up as they bolt upright, Stone on the bottom bunk hits his head on the top bunk.

STONE Owwww!

They stumble over each other as they grab their berets and run for the door, struggling to fit through it together.

Cut to:

19. Parade, Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning.

The two Rock Raiders come running from the barracks and join the parade. Joining on to the end of the line. They are still yawning and they haven't realised that they are facing the wrong way. Their heads are looking down and they are whispering to each other. The camera closes in on them, so that the audience doesn’t realize that they are facing the wrong way.

HILL Were in for it now!


HILL Sir, Hear Sir!

STONE Yawn! Sir, Hear Sir!

CAPTAIN The base was raided last night, somehow they slipped passed the guards and were able to steal a substantial amount of power crystals which we need if we want to get back home. We have a plan to retrieve the crystals but we are going to need some volunteers!

Cut to: 20. A/B. Close up on faces. STONE I’ve got a plan!

HILL Please not NOW!

STONE Trust me, this never fails I’ve seen it in the Movies! When | say now, step back!




HILL You better not get us in anymore trouble!

CAPTAIN | want two volunteers to step forward!


The two Rock Raiders step back not realising their facing the wrong way. The camera pulls out, all the other Rock Raiders are one step away, and the Captain puts his arms around them.

CAPTAIN Congratulations Gentlemen!

The two Rock Raiders gulp as they realise their mistake. Dissolve to: 21. Brief room, Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning.

The two Rock Raiders are arguing in a long empty lecture room. The camera pans over empty chairs and closes in on the duo.

HILL If we had got up, like | said, none of this would have happened!

STONE It's not my fault you taped up the alarm clock!

HILL You always mess things up for me, if it weren’t for you | would be a corporal by now.

STONE You always blame me!

HILL It was YOUR idea to sneak off guard duty!

Stone puts his fingers over his ears and starts humming to himself.

HILL YOU said ‘nothings going to happen’...

Hill goes bright red and kicks him in the shin. Stone starts hopping about the room... Then the Captain comes in through the far door.

Cut to:

22. A/B. Close up of Captain.



Are you two playing hopscotch again?

HILL No Sir! I’m trying to introduce a new fitness campaign Sir! ‘Hop Yourself Thin’!

CAPTAIN Shut it, wise guy, NOW stand to attention!

As the captain is speaking the wall mounted display flickers on.

JANET Sir, we have an urgent message!

CAPTAIN OK! Put it through.

The display flickers again.

JET (radio interference) Sir, I’ve found the missing power crystals..

Cut to:

23. Above Rock Monsters City, Early Morning. The camera is in the cockpit of a small helicopter.

JET scanners are showing that they are..

Cut to:

24. Brief room, Rock Raiders Base, Early Morning. Close up of the two Rock Raiders quivering in fear.

JET (radio interference) .-all in the Rock Monsters City Display flickers off. CAPTAIN OK, ROCK RAIDERS! Your mission is to penetrate the Rock Monsters City and retrieve the stolen crystals, WHICH YOU LET SLIP THROUGH YOUR FINGERS. Now are there any


STONE Sir it’s my athlete’s foot, | don’t think | can make it!


Nice try Stone! I’m sure Hill won’t mind carrying you! Now report to Stores, You will be leaving at 0900 hours. Move it, move it, MOVE IT!

The two Rock Raiders quick march completely out of time with each other out off the room leaving the shot... The Captain hold his head in despair. Dissolve to:

25. Stores, Rock Raiders Base, 0900. Close up of the two Rock Raiders waiting in the storeroom.


HILL Pinch me, this has got to be a dream, this cannot be happening!

Stone pinches Hill on the arm. HILL OOWWW!!

STONE It’s not a dream, you really are here!

HILL Being stuck with you, this is a NIGHTMARE, not a dream. Remember that word NIGHTMARE. Now shut up and look interested.

Jeff the storekeeper walks up to the two Rock Raiders from the back of the store and points to a small map on the table.

JEFF All the equipment you need is right there!

HILL Where?

JEFF There!

STONE But that’s just a map!

JEFF Yep, and good luck...

Dissolve to: 26. Main Gates, Rock Raiders Base, 0905. There are a crowd of Rock Raiders in lines along each side of the gate, the Captain is pacing

up and down looking at his watch.

CAPTAIN (to himself) Where are those two clowns!

The two Rock Raiders march out the storeroom Hill is carrying the map, they both march up to the Captain, and give the Captain a long drawn out salute.

HILL Sir, we need some more supplies!

The Captain signals to two Rock Raiders, They walk over and put a large backpack on Stone, he collapses under the weight.

STONE Sir, | think we’ve got plenty of supplies, we don’t need any more...

CAPTAIN Pick him up!

The two Rock Raiders pick Stone up and push him forward. Stone and Hill march out through the gate.



The large doors slam behind them.

CAPTAIN (to himself) | doubt if we will see those two again!

Cut to: 27. EXT. Rock Raiders Base, 0905. Desert... sand storm blowing. The two Rock Raiders start to walk off from the base.

STONE | wanna read the map, let me read the map, go on, let me, let me, let me.

HILL Here take the silly map.

STONE No problem, I'll have us there in no time, | have a natural talent for directions.

HILL You've got the map upside-down, Christopher Columbus!

STONE | knew that, just testing you!

HILL I’m Vulture food!

The two Rock Raiders fade away as they disappear into the sandstorm... In the foreground we can see Flint the firefly trying to put up a wind block. He struggles with it as the wind gets stronger, suddenly a strong gust blows the wind block away with Flint still clinging to it...

STONE(O/S) Hey! | can’t see anything!

HILL(O/S) Try opening your eyes!

STONE(O/S) OH! YEAY! Hu, hu... That reminds me did you hear the joke about the sandstorm?


STONE(O/S) Nor did I! It blew away!

HILL(O/S) Arrgh! Where are those vultures when you need them!